July 10, 2012


It finally happened.

Last weekend the fam came to visit me the new London pad.  After a leisurely (read: Mission Impossible worthy duck, dodge and squeeze) stroll around an over-crowded Harrods we recovered with a spot of Italian and headed to Kings Road. And there, from across the crowds, I spied the Ash Flagship Store.  With Sale signs.

One look at Mums was all I managed before sprinting across the road.  Twentypercentoff!  I was in love before I even had them on my feet.  Before I even had time to register what was happening it was a done deal, and my hands were shaking, literally shaking, as I took the carrier bag from the sales assistant.  She probably thought I was going to have a stroke.

If you've ever read my rambling posts before you will know the sheer joy these babies have caused me.  After months of lusting I can finally say they are mine...and my God they are good.

And yes, it's taken me a while to tell you all about them.  What can I say, I've been too busy strolling around London feeling pretty damn cool.

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  1. Lovely shoes!!! Must be very comfy!
    Totally awesome! Too good LG! :)
    Fashion Panache