April 28, 2012


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Been slightly awol for a few days - lots going on!  Once again using pictures as an excuse for a lack of words (I promise to change the record soon...and the one of broken promises...) but it's been a busy few days so here I am recycling (stealing) everyone else's creative genius in a pathetic attempt to make up for it.

S O R R Y.

More soon for sure.


April 25, 2012



pics - Wildfox Kids Lookbook 2012

Oh my.  I don't even like kids but this is adorable.  Genius concept & styling by Kimberley Gordon & Emily Faulstich, I don't know who this little munchkin is but she's a star in the making.  And I want her sunglasses.

April 24, 2012

Saglio vs Tordini

pics - googleimages

Giorgia Tordini, Italian freelance stylist and accessories designer, versus Geraldine Saglio, Vogue stylist and assistant to Emmanuelle Alt. 

Both incredibly beautiful women with incredibly stylish wardrobes.  Love their slightly similar styles; tanned limbs, simple separates and more edgy pieces such as Saglio's leopard jeans and Tordini's orange jacket.  

Geraldine just about trumps it for me, but then she's the walking talking epitome of Parisian elegance, and we know I'm a sucker for anything Gallic.  Love Giorgia's slight Italian edge though - particularly her first picture.  A shapeless, mid length black sack-dress teamed with clumpy black ankle boots?  I guarantee not many of us can pull that look off with aplomb.


pics - googleimages

Nick Knight photographs the one and only Cara Delevigne at his London studio before 'Instagramming' the results.  Following that recent billion-dollar deal it seems that the easy-editting of one of the most popular apps on the iPhone (I'm obsessed) is appealing to the industry.  Not surprising when you see how many figureheads of the Fashion world are using it (personal favourites; Tash and Elle @ theyallhateus and harperandharley.)

Gives fast fashion a whole new meaning, perhaps Systrom should use these images for a new ad campaign, cute kittens 'n' all.