March 31, 2013

Pick of the Best: Black Bags

From the top -
1. Zadig & Voltaire, 2. Zadig & Voltaire, 3. Kurt Geiger, 4. Alexander McQueen, 5. Saint Laurent

I'm a huge fan of black, but even more so particularly during the summer.  There's nothing cooler than shunning all the floral mambo-jambo out there in favour of something a bit more hardcore, and a chunky black tote is exactly what you need as the weather heats up.  

Step forward my pick of the best, a foray of thick dark leather: simple, oversized and luxurious.

  And no, they're not cheap.  But whoever said the best things in life come free has obviously never shopped at Liberty.

Sugar Coated

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Probably not what you want to look at after consuming crazy amounts of chocolate, but due to my recent hiatus (brought on by S.A.D related exhaustion) I felt an overdose of aesthetic goodness was necessary.  Plus I swear the laptop's running slower these days with its overloaded folders.  And funnily enough, after what I've consumed today, I know the feeling...

March 19, 2013


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It's been a while - my apology this time comes in the form of a click'n'save overload for your viewing pleasure.  

In the meantime, I've been dreaming in Celine & that curiously mid-season combination of chunky coats & bare tanned legs...and living for the day the sun backs up the appearance of the latter.