July 10, 2012

Rainy Days

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My gift to you: a rather oversized post of beautiful things and people for you to enjoy on a particularly wet Tuesday afternoon.  I am thoroughly exhausted today, despite having spent a particularly lazy day off work doing little more than reading magazines, catching up on the Blogging World and participating in a whole lot of online window shopping.  Utter bliss.

Spent a gorgeous evening yesterday in Covent Garden for drinks with The Boy and his fam, followed by some incredible noodles in China Town, a quick stroll through Piccadilly and a tube ride home...I do love this city.  Plan on spending the weekend with my Homegirl wandering around some charity shops, meeting her new puppy (!) and making extravagant life plans over skinny caramel lattes.  I know I should be upset that the weather's so rubbish at the moment, but secretly I'm kind of hoping the weekend stays cold and wet so I can spend hours gabbing in Costa without feeling guilty for not being outside.

So I'm currently sitting on my bed watching the rain hurtle past my window and debating whether or not I can be bothered to get up and cook dinner before he gets home from work...or whether I can just make him do it instead.  Such a loving girlfriend sometimes.

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