September 16, 2012

Take Stock

pics - facehunter

Stockholm street style really is the creme de la creme.  Simple lines, clean cuts, cool colours...stunning girls.  Why are they all so bloody gorgeous?  Obviously there's something in the water, you could market that stuff I'm sure.

So today's probably been the most perfect of Sundays there ever was.  A quick stroll around Kings Road, a Roast (with a capital 'r') and then home, sofa, papers, tea and cheese toasties.  I can almost feel winter approaching.  And I need to stop talking about toast.

Counting down the days until my week off.  A WHOLE WEEK.  Five days to go, throw a cheeky little new house into the mix and it's a crazy couple of days.  Shame it's not a LFW couple of days, but you can't have it all I guess...

September 09, 2012


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First up, major apologies.  So I'm currently living in what can at best be described as a half-way house, and at worst...well let's not go there shall we?  It's a pleasant Sunday evening after all.

Life has been fairly craaaazy lately, which coupled with the worst internet connection ever has resulted in some, quite frankly, godawful blog-loyalty from yours truly.  For once I think this one can slide - when everything you own's in a suitcase, box or bag it's hard to feel inspired.  It's actually hard to feel anything other than utter despair/irritation that you can't find your favourite pair of socks.  Despair and irritation are my new favourite feelings du jour, not something I wish to project upon this blog or any of you passers by.

FYI: I don't have a favourite pair of socks.  That was metaphorical.  Or something.

On top of this, I am so, so far behind in the world of the blog that I have no idea what's hot anymore.  I know that the state of me definitely isn't.  But there's a big shining light at the end of the tunnel, namely MY NEW HOUSE and the fact that I move in in ONE WEEK AND COUNTING.  Can you feel the excitement?

Normal activity will resume as soon as life becomes more regular.

So for now I leave you with an apology, an explanation, and a whole hog'a hotness whilst wishing you a beautiful Sunday eve.  Hope you're all eating toast and watching crap on TV - that's what autumnal weekends are for.

Over & out x

September 02, 2012

Cara x Zara

After everyone banging on about Freja doing her thang in the Zara AW12 campaign I'd almost completely forgotten to check this bad boy out, but my oh my am I glad I did.  What a baaaabe.

Apologies for the HUGE hiatus on my part.  All I can say is stresssssssssssss.  The Boy and I are officially homeless in the big bad city as of tomorrow, my laptop has blown up (I don't blame it) and I type this as I take a break from packing up my life into boxes and bags once again.  Full explanation at a later date, right now both my room and my head are a crazy pile of mess.

Hope everyone else's weekends are a hell of a lot calmer than my own.  Over & out.