October 16, 2013

Keep Up

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In the vein of becoming a Better Blogger; a couple of pretty pictures.

Still toying with the idea of going red - that last picture definitely has me leaning towards hitting the bottle.

October 15, 2013


pics - tahu, frenchvoguettes, jeannedamas

Finally back from my accidental leave, having suddenly realised it's been nearly two months since my last blast.  I'm not quite sure where the weeks have gone, but nevertheless I'm back and pledging to be a much more dedicated writer in future.

With my beloved British winter fast approaching, I've finally waved a fond (and slightly overdue) farewell to short and sandals, and begun revisiting old favourites - I was always more of a coats and cashmere kinda girl anyway.  There's nothing quite like not having to think about what you're going to wear day-to-day anymore: a great coat shields all manner of sins.

Despite the fact that I own - as The Boy is so fond of pointing out - several different styles already, a new one (or two) is an annual necessity.  I really feel like the high-street has upped it's game this year and with a wealth of beauties so readily available I'm struggling to choose.  I can tell you one thing though: it won't be pink.  That's one trend I'll definitely be sitting out...

I'm in love with this beauty, courtesy of AllSaints.  Unfortunately at £300 it's a little more than I can afford right now, but that doesn't stop me trying it on at every opportunity and lusting over the shape, colour, style, fit...the list goes on.

As you can see from the photos posted above, I'm massively 'in' to longer coats right now.  As a loyal New Balance wearer, I love the look of tailoring and trainers.  So wrong and yet so damn right.  This ASOS piece ticks all the right boxes: slouchy, calf-swinging & the perfect shade of grey.

Slightly more tailored than the above options - this houndstooth offering from Cos is a good combination of print and discreet; I love a combination of polar opposites.  A great one for the weekend, a stylish update of the embarrassing tweed jacket your dad used to wear.  Or your boyfriend still does, if you're unlucky as I am...

Who doesn't love a bit of fluff?  H&M's shearling biker is a great style for those who just can't live without their leather jacket.  Oversized, incredibly warm & wonderfully versatile...all for under £100.

I already own a previous version of this coat, and it's been my favourite purchase all year.  Topshop's duster coat is a stylish and more interesting version of the classic mac, and whilst having absolutely no warmth to it whatsoever, I couldn't resist throwing this option in.  Great for layering on cooler days - although definitely not one to reach for in the snow.

Lastly, another Topshop pick.  After a sea of greys and black (hey, I know what I like) - a tomato red.  Now, a coat this shade is an idea I've always toyed with and never quite gotten round too, but this one is effortless in its styling, allowing the colour alone to shine through.  Which, quite frankly, is just what red should do.