March 25, 2012

Daylight Saving

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Being incredibly lazy tonight after a long day at work - losing that hour last night really made a difference...well, mentally perhaps.  I hate anything that deprives me of my sleep.  Can't be bothered to write much so thought I'd leave you all with some pretty pictures instead.  You know what they say about each one painting a thousand words?  Well if that's the case then I've just written you an essay of epic proportions (I tried that with my dissertation, my tutor wasn't having any of it.)

In other, even more mundane news, I wrote a week plan this morning - hello organisation - which involved not neglecting this badboy as much as it was last week.  Let's see how that goes shall we?  

A very happy Sunday to one and all; turning my attention back to the television as

March 24, 2012

Sunshine & Shorts

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Sunshine genuinely makes everything better.  Cracked out the shorts for the first time this year, and it felt good.  Here's hoping the weather stays good all week so the boy and I can spend Tuesday sunning ourselves in the park...

March 20, 2012


pics - angelicablick

...what I wouldn't give for this girl's wardrobe.  
And legs.  
And tan.  

I strongly suggest you follow her here.