December 01, 2012


Left - Cos Men, Right - Cos Woman

Just as the temperature dips below freezing, I suddenly become obsessed with the classic bomber.  Yes, it has no warmth whatsoever, but after my midsummer coat'n'boot obsession I think we can safely agree that appropriate weather attire has never been my forte.  

The jacket on the right has been on my long term wishlist for quite some time now, mentioned in my Xmas list a few weeks ago and has been visited countless times over the last few months, most recently last night, where I spent a good ten minutes prancing around Cos fitting rooms, trying it on over, under, with and without various other items.  A nutcase, if you will.

However, I'm also slightly taken with the men's version I stumbled upon this evening.  Yes, it's a whole lot more all-American, I-play-football, my-girlfriend's-a-cheerleader etc, but something about it is just pretty damn cool.  A touch more cliche, yes, but somehow it's working for me.  Would it be so wrong to buy one for The Boy, just so I can steal it..?

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