September 09, 2012


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First up, major apologies.  So I'm currently living in what can at best be described as a half-way house, and at worst...well let's not go there shall we?  It's a pleasant Sunday evening after all.

Life has been fairly craaaazy lately, which coupled with the worst internet connection ever has resulted in some, quite frankly, godawful blog-loyalty from yours truly.  For once I think this one can slide - when everything you own's in a suitcase, box or bag it's hard to feel inspired.  It's actually hard to feel anything other than utter despair/irritation that you can't find your favourite pair of socks.  Despair and irritation are my new favourite feelings du jour, not something I wish to project upon this blog or any of you passers by.

FYI: I don't have a favourite pair of socks.  That was metaphorical.  Or something.

On top of this, I am so, so far behind in the world of the blog that I have no idea what's hot anymore.  I know that the state of me definitely isn't.  But there's a big shining light at the end of the tunnel, namely MY NEW HOUSE and the fact that I move in in ONE WEEK AND COUNTING.  Can you feel the excitement?

Normal activity will resume as soon as life becomes more regular.

So for now I leave you with an apology, an explanation, and a whole hog'a hotness whilst wishing you a beautiful Sunday eve.  Hope you're all eating toast and watching crap on TV - that's what autumnal weekends are for.

Over & out x

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