September 16, 2012

Take Stock

pics - facehunter

Stockholm street style really is the creme de la creme.  Simple lines, clean cuts, cool colours...stunning girls.  Why are they all so bloody gorgeous?  Obviously there's something in the water, you could market that stuff I'm sure.

So today's probably been the most perfect of Sundays there ever was.  A quick stroll around Kings Road, a Roast (with a capital 'r') and then home, sofa, papers, tea and cheese toasties.  I can almost feel winter approaching.  And I need to stop talking about toast.

Counting down the days until my week off.  A WHOLE WEEK.  Five days to go, throw a cheeky little new house into the mix and it's a crazy couple of days.  Shame it's not a LFW couple of days, but you can't have it all I guess...

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