July 18, 2012

Just Do It?

all - Nike Air Max @ Office

Help: I've developed an unhealthy fetish for trainers.  

I've never been a fan of sports shoes; I possess a genuine hatred for office workers in suits and trainers on the tube and generally associate them with youths and Jeremy Kyle.  In my (biased) opinion, trainers are the maxi-skirt of footwear: easy to throw on but extremely hard to get right, and why would anyone wear trainers when they can wear boots??

But suddenly, I need a pair of these.  Perhaps it's my recent obsession with everything nineties, or maybe the constant use of my Ash babies has turned me onto sporty footwear, but either way I am in serious lust, and quite frankly, I'm a bit ashamed of myself.  Suddenly the idea of a comfortable commute (even flat ankle boots can pinch after a 10 hour day) is almost too much to bear.  Whatever the reason, I must be getting old, because that blue suede pair look set to be the next pair of shoes I own.

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