July 15, 2012

Cos I Wanna

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If they did a Blog Award for cheesiest post titles, I would so be winning right now.

You're probably all more than familiar with Cos; blogger and fash-pack favourite for years, producers of the coolest simplicity and finest details.  I too have loved it for a long time, but only since the B.M. (big move) have I had access to its genius on such a regular basis.  Too regular, it would seem, with Kensington High Street being only a short distance away and a rather large and enticing store flaunting itself in my face.

I'm a big lover of basics, style and quality.  Give me a well made black jumper over an all singing, all dancing sequinned number that's going to fall apart after two wears.  Perhaps its down to working in high-end fashion for so long.  Perhaps it's because I'm boring and I like to wear the same clothes a lot.  Either way, Cos was made for me, and here are my favourite items.

Yes, they're not that exciting.  There is no pattern, barely any colour (save for that neon tube skirt number, which is good enough to be an exception) but the shapes, fit and discreet style means I'm lusting after each and every one.  

Only two weeks til payday...

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