July 19, 2012


all - Zara

I realise my blogging has become an ode to shopping as of late, but the poorer I am, the harder I window shop.  I'm sure it's a registered disease somewhere.  It's basically self-harm, in the most aesthetically pleasing manner.

But back to the important subject at hand.  As I have previously enthused, I love a good knit.  I mean, what's not to love?  An oversized, cozy sweater must be the basis of any British girl's wardrobe.  You can have fat days in them (and there's not a whole lot of fashion you can say that about), you can wear them everywhere, you can buy them for such reasonable prices...yup, if there was a press office for The Great British Knit I'd be the Head of it.  I love 'em.

So what do I see here?  Zara's first pre-fall knit drop.  Known for doing the most essential of knitwear, Zara hits the nail on the head every year with a selection of the best styles which sell out FAST.  And you can see why; each of these four visions of woolley goodness are less than FIFTY of your good English pounds and utterly covetable.

And as for this green colour I've seen emerging everywhere...I think it's fast becoming my new favourite shade du jour.  I wonder if they're going to make jeans in that colour...

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