June 05, 2012


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Topshop Boutique is easily one of my favourite collections on the high street, and I'm always excited by their ever-growing strength in terms of both style and reputation.  Last weekend I spent a happy hour or so trying on several of their key pieces this season, and I'm now oh so happy I didn't part with my pennies (as hard as that was!) because then The Sleeveless Leather landed in my inbox.  Boxy, buttery, leathery goodness...I cannot wait until the arrival of this beauty in store.  I'm already planning my A/W12 wardrobe around it and it's many many functions.  And I'm quite interested in the camo shirt too...

In other news, yes I have been hugely AWOL as of late.  Stuff's being going on, let me tell you.  I am planning a beast of a post in the not-too-distant future to bring you all bang up to date, but right now the festivities of the Jubilee and all the alcoholic celebrations that go so swimmingly with it are taking their toll, and I am too tired to make any sense whatsoever.  I promise to stop being so badly behaved very, very soon, and post a lot more regularly too!

Hope everyone's Jubilee was just perfect xx

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