June 05, 2012

Big Move // Big City

1. My new local newsagents' magazine selection.  Woah.
2. Typical tourist photos.
3. Way overexcited about frozen yoghurt (and my new military jacket...in the bag.)
4. Ash's Kings Road store.  Drool.
5. Mum's Jubilee Pavlova.  What a star.
6. The Boy treading the streets of Chelsea.

Yes, I can finally announce that I will be an official resident of London in two weeks time.  After a mental few days last weekend with The Boy we have found ourselves a (small) flat, secured some crazy-good jobs and walked the majority of the city (no joke, we must have covered more than 30 miles, on foot, in searing temperatures.)
The best weekend ever has gotten me more than excited for the big move.  Exactly 13 months from the day I walked out of my final exam I will be unlocking my own London pad for the first time...I cannot wait.

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