March 08, 2012

Soul Sista

So apparently, today is International Women's day.  Now I'm not one to advocate this sort of thing and until they make an International No Work & Drink Beer day or an International Everything in Topshop is Free day, I probably won't take too much notice.  But I guess, in today's society of backstabbing and slander, it can only be a good thing that we step up and celebrate each other every once in a while. (Cheeeese.)

There are many girls in my life that are quite simply, awesome, but there's one in particular that well and truly deserves the hype.  Not to gush (mostly because she'll kill me if I do) but from our first conversation (drunk, mostly regarding old school garage music & tattoos) through three years at uni, two years living together, two trips abroad and countless nights of hysterical laughter and slightly too much alcohol, she's been the ultimate combination of best friend, soul sista, second wardrobe and personal hairdresser; all rolled into one.

Don't kill me for this Muck, cos I love ya.

(And we never did go get those tattoos.)

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