March 08, 2012

Paisley & Pyjamas

So, you may have guessed that I am sort of obsessed with the pyjama trend, still incapable of tracking down the perfect shirt (again, screw you Marni.)  

I haven't been out in my bedtime attire since university life (the morning after the night before + no milk = all style out of the window) and I kind of miss it.  As I'm not one for complicated outfitting, the idea of slouching around in my pyjamas all day and still looking good is somewhat appealing.

And if these guys are anything to go by, it does look good.

source - fashiontoast, googleimages

Ideally, my pyjamas will be paisley, and like the aristocracy of the twenties I will swan around my vast estate swathed in slouchy silk in jewel tones.

(Or, y'know, traipse around Sainsburys getting weird looks from guys for wearing pjs past midday.)

Having trawled eBay daily for a pair I finally turned to the holy grail of internet shopping, Net-a-Porter.  Naturally, they didn't disappoint, but are well and truly out of my price range.  

Here's my pick of the best paisley & PJ pieces around.  
(Some affordable, some not so.)

1. Stella McCartney, 2. Jonathan Saunders, 3. ASOS, 4. Stella McCartney
5. Zara, 6. JW Anderson, 7. ASOS, 8. Stella McCartney

That Stella McC pyjama suit is, quite frankly, the best thing I've ever seen.  I want to wear it with a biker jacket and some killer heels.  Sadly, unless something drastic happens to my bank account soon, that's unlikely to happen.  Maybe I'll invest in that £20 ASOS tshirt as a token for my loss, saving myself nearly a grand in the process.  And my parents think I'm bad with money...

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