March 13, 2012

Magazine Day

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I love Tuesdays.  Tuesday is magazine day.  Tuesday is day off with the boy day.  Tuesday is internet shopping update day.  Tuesdays are GREAT.

First day at work yesterday went swimmingly, was pretty damn tired last night and nearly fell asleep on the train coming home - not clever.  Spent today being grown up (i.e. running boring errands and shopping of the food variety: never as fun but nearly as expensive) and Sam joined the gym, although he seems to think that signing up has made him feel better already and therefore he doesn't actually need to go.  Typical.

Fell in love with a few bits in said magazines, of course.  Look out for my gushing about them later this week.  Got some big posts planned too; I intend to use my ridiculously long commute in the morning to write.  Always such good intentions...

Off to spend the rest of my Tuesday (seriously, how many times can I write that word in one post?!) enjoyably with dinner and a movie.  The boy bought me a new pair of straighteners today because my old ones were so past it they were actually starting to pull my hair out - not great when you're desperately trying to grow it - so I'll probably use my own head a Girl's World later and give 'em a go.  I am just that cool.

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  1. love the photos. The loafers in the second photo are gorgeous! xx