March 10, 2012


All photos are my own.

1. My favourite necklace layered over a charcoal Gap tshirt (which, by the way, are incredibly good basics.)
2.  New Zara shorts.  Bring on the sun.
3. A selection of my most loved (battered) boots.
4. Coke Zero & magazines.  Bliss.
5.  Spring sweaters.
6. My daily trinkets- Sekonda watch, various silver rings & circle necklace, Accessorize bling.
7. A stack of necklaces hanging off the window frame.: way better than curtains.
8. Birthday Comptoir jacket from the boy and a my chunky Topshop necklace.
9. Pastel nails are the best nails.
10. An overly cluttered dresser & dying roses.
11. My motorcycle bag & favourite cushion (thanks Mama)
12. A selection of my most-loved button ups.

Just a couple of photos of my favourite belongings.  Today's been a day of to-do lists and boring errands, trying to tie up any loose ends before I start the new job on Monday.  Unfortunately I keep getting distracted by net-a-porter emails to my iPhone, Vicar of Dibley repeats on Gold and a strong desire to go and sit in a beer garden for the afternoon.

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