March 11, 2012

All Saints

All Saints - Petrel Brodie (£85) & Fuze Kick (£75) jeans

I've never really rated All Saints before.  To me, it was always overpriced and only worn by boyband wannabes and the sort of girls that go out with them.  Not my style at all.

However, boredom induced browsing (always the best way to shop) has led me to these beauties.  The perfect washed black, high shine skinny jeans and a boyfriend style pair - in 100% cotton, may I add - that could pass for their Acne equivalent (albeit with slightly more damaging...cheese graters at the ready.)

Now, in the way I have previously fallen for (this week alone) the Topshop parka, Ash trainers and Zara leopard-print tote, I cannot imagine my wardrobe without them.  I'm already planning how, when and where I will show them off: it must be love.

And actually, I don't think the price is that bad.  Yes, it's more expensive than I'd like, but they genuinely look like they're worth the money.  At least on line.  The only way to find out?  A lunch-time trying on session tomorrow, what a shame...

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