January 03, 2013

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Happy New Year, yo.

My first post of twentythirteen was always going to include some cliches.  Sentimental and inspirational phrases like these have been slowly clogging up my desktop for a few weeks now, and I just about feel ready to accept the new year with a vengeance.

As my first day off this year draws to an idle end, I've dragged myself out of the pit that I've recently been curled up on the floor of and moved with the times.  It's a new year, after all.  Affirmative action is sometimes necessary.

So without further ado, a list is in order.  My resolutions...let's see how these turn out.

1.  Blog better.  Blog harder.  Blog more often.

2. Do some exercise.  Any exercise.  Typing does not count, nor does walking to and from Starbucks.

3. Be more glamorous.  I'm bored of chipped nails and ratty hair.

4. Visit Paris.  Just once.  Even if it's only for a day.

5. Make more time for my friends.  You never remember the nights you got a full eight hours sleep after all.

I hope your festive period was as fabulous as my own.  2013's going to be a good year.

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