October 06, 2012


A quick peruse over Massimo Dutti's online shop had me stumbling over these divine beauties - the new NYC Limited Collection provides the brand with a slightly more up-market twist amongst their standardlu well-priced products on offer.  And isn't it just lovely?  Essentially it makes up the perfect capsule wardrobe; an oversized silk blouse here, a buttery soft ash-grey leather there, these are the sort of pieces you'll want to wear over and over and over again.  Which is just as well really, because it's certainly not cheap.  Ranging from around £40 - £800, whim purchases they are not.  

Is it too early to start writing a Christmas list?

PS.  While you're at it, check out the mens' version - I'm almost tempted to do an Alexa with this gorgeous briefcase.

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