August 01, 2012

If I was a Rich Girl

all - Sandro AW12

Oh sweet sweet Jesus.

So I know what I said in my typically melodramatic style, but when Mossy doesn't do the job it appears that Sandro definitely will.

These new season drops from the Queens of je ne said quoi (how frightfully pretentious of me) have me drooling and briefly considering saving up some money.  Ok, we all know that'll never happen, but at least it had me thinking about it.  For a second.

It doesn't help that their website is in euros, and therefore not real money.  It also doesn't help that The Boy works a mere 50 metres from Sandro, where I find myself staring longingly through the windows after a few glasses of Sauvignon at Soho Pizzeria (which comes highly recommended btw, as long as you don't mind terrible service) and pretending that the only reason I haven't bought anything is because, annoyingly, they're closed.  At 10.30pm.  How inconvenient.

Either way, I would kill for any one of these incredible pieces, quite frankly.  Particularly that green cardi-cum-jacket.  If I sold a kidney maybe I could afford it.  I mean, I've got two of them and no Sandro jacket, so surely this is a balance that should be rectified?

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