July 14, 2012

Zara Pre-Fall 2012

all Zara Advance - £39.99 - £129.99

So we all know I am both founder and CEO of Zara Anonymous, holding an obsession so great it threatens to ruin both me and The Boy every single month.  But on a trip to Westfield just the other day (to return items, sadly, nothing new to report) I was intrigued by the window display which showed items I had never seen before, online or in store.  Obviously, this is not something that happens often, as 9 times out of 10 I can tell you their whole catalogue, past and present (sad I know, but it's a disease ok?  I'm working on it.)

However, after a small amount of frantic internet searching I stumbled across Zara's 'advance' range, a mind blowing 68 items of utter divinity, showcasing the best leather studded, feather trimmed and hand-stitched beauties one can only dream of owning.

  Naturally, I want, no need, it all.  But here are my favourite ten.  Those studded slippers may well be making their way into my wardrobe at an alarming speed...

Bring on the rest of the collection.  Apologies in advance, Mr Bank Manager.

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