June 17, 2012

Terrible Behaviour

Yeah you're probably getting bored of wedge trainers now.  (I'm not.)

New flat inspiration.  Really bad at keeping flowers alive though.

I need this necklace in my life.

Best tshirt ever?

Totally doing my nails like this tonight.  No, I actually am.

Rebel monk. 

Pics - tahu, googleimages, pinterest.

So I've been massively AWOL for some time now.  In my defense, life has been ker-azyyy as of late; the real work (as in the one I get paid for) has somewhat taken over my life and the imminent move (t-minus FOURTY EIGHT HOURS) looms over all else.  If I'm not packing, I'm feeling guilty for not packing.  It's like GCSE revision all over again, except this time I actually care about the outcome.  Kidding, Mum!

In other news, this week we celebrated The Boy's birthday with 'quiet drinks' (work on Thursday proved it was anything but), I attempted to get my ear pierced again but my ridiculous fear of needles got in the way: still no hole, and tried to see as many friends as possible in stupidly little time.  H.e.c.t.i.c.

I'm tired man, so tired.  Off to paint my nails (leaving do tomorrow night and they are in no party-proof state right now), watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (which is terrible, by the way.  Oh Depp.) and sleep.

Bon nuit, mon amis.  Apologies for the mountains of brackets I've piled into this post.  Hope your weekends have been far more relaxed than mine, but just as fun.


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