June 22, 2012


1-3 Massimo Dutti, 4-6 Uterque

It's been well established that my Zara fetish runs river deep, but more recently I have discovered two other fine Spanish labels, namely Massimo Dutti and Uterque.  After a quick perusal this morning, I stumbled across these beauties; all of which would be the perfect London Commute Bag.  

The LCB will be big enough to hold all my essentails (shoes, snacks, magazines, diary, notepad and a newly acquired iPad...), stylish enough to tote around the City (I don't do canvas totes.  Just no.) and hopefully in a colour that will work with all of my millions of coats, jackets and general outerwear.

Not asking for much then.

I think my favourite so far has to the be the top one, closely followed by number 2.  I'm a sucker for textured leather, but I do love a good double strap - one to nest in the nook of the arm and one to sling over the shoulder for guaranteed hands free access: an essential for shopping.

Check the sites out, I dare you not to fall hat over high heel.  Oh, and they've both got mega sales on...always a bonus.

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