May 13, 2012

You are my Sunshine...

pics - pinterest/goldenoldies

I don't know where it came from but I'm not complaining, today we finally saw some sunshine!  Suddenly my thoughts switched from chunky knits and clumpy boots to pastel waves of chiffon, sawn-off denim and leather sandals.  The long-forgotten bikini diet of yester-month is back with a vengeance (she says, having just consumed a dark chocolate KitKat with her cup of tea...) and whilst I in no way advocate the use of 'thinspo' or anything of the sort, it's definitely that time of year when the fridge gets covered with H&M bikini ads.  Fact is, it's impossible not be motivated by images like the above, and if the weather keeps up like this I'm probably going to have to get the legs out at some point soon.  Not a happy thought after weeks of rainy evenings full of, well, food.

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