May 10, 2012

Mother, May I.

From the top:
1. What.a.coat.
2. Ava - Reiss
3. T.T.H. - scarf, hair, skirt.  All I'm saying.
4.  Mid length ombre do, check.
5.  My next hair cut.  Yes, I'll look like Abbey with it.
6. Desperately searching for silver rings like these.  Impossible.
7. That tee: hell yes.
8. Love this streetshot from MBAFW.  
9. The perfect leather jacket - MuuBaa @ Asos.
10. Cos jumpers times two: love, want, need.

A few of my latest love-ins.  It's probably unhealthy to fall in love this hard, this often.  Cannot wait until I can afford to get my hair chopped off again, it's looking seriously ratty.  Dreaming of pairing a new mop one of these Cos greens, adorned with the perfect summer trilby courtesy of Reiss.  God, it's May and I'm still thinking winter knits and head-gear.  Oh Summer, where art thou?

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