May 19, 2012


'Jamie' Jeans - Topshop

First up, let me start this anecdote by telling you that I love jeans.  Love 'em.  You know how you always get those really high maintenance celebs that claim they live in 'jeans and an old t shirt'?  Well I actually do.  (Except my t shirts aren't usually old, because I get bored of them after a few weeks and buy new ones.)  And I don't wear t shirts very often.

Anyway, back to the jeans.  Shockingly perhaps, mine are mostly from Zara.  Cream, blue, black, leather-coated, navy...with zips, without zips, flood-length, floor-length, skinny and slouchy, I've got 'em all.  Zara denim just works for me, and my theory is definitely don't fix what ain't broke.

However, more recently I have a new shade in mind.  Grey.  I want a simple, grey jean.  Not charcoal, not faded black.  A light, stone grey, skinny leg, a summer jean (slightly oxymoronical, perhaps a British summer jean would be more correct.)  And Zara just aren't delivering.  Every pastel of the rainbow they proffer, but grey?  None.

And then, along came Jamie.

He's slightly high waisted in that sexy, defining your curves kind of way.  He's tight, but not indecent.  He's soft but he doesn't sag.  He allows you to bend, move, touch your toes while maintaining your decency.  And he is the perfect shade of stone-grey (amongst many other fun washes and colours available.)

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.  The boy's got strong competition with this one.

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