April 08, 2012

So 2012.

Photos - all golden oldies from the laptop.  Apologies.

So I am repping Pinterest now, only a few months behind the times which for me ain't bad; I've literally only just learnt how to 'tweet.'  

Not entirely sure what I'm doing but when something combines pretty pictures and trawling the internet, hell, I'm there!  Can't think why I didn't join sooner but today was the day (truth be told, I've had the invite sitting in my inbox since February...and I needed something to stop me eating COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF EASTER EGGS before I explode.)

I don't know if I'm doing it properly, but check it out... pinterest.com/theonehotmess

Peace, love, and chocolately-egg happiness/food comas to you all x

PS.  The above photo dump was designed to stop my mass chocolate consumption in its tracks with summer-body guilt.  
(It hasn't worked.)

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