April 15, 2012

Kate Bosworth - Coachella 2012

all pics - justjared

Festival veteran Bosworth always gets it right in the desert (remember that American flag tee last year?) and it's good to see that 2012 is no exception.  From the Mulberry Pool Party to the festival itself, and even in the pouring rain, the girl done good.  Loving that tiger print tee...now there's an animal print I don't own already.

However, it has to be said, the last picture here bears strong resemblance to a certain other Kate traipsing around Glasto a few years back; oversized parka, short dress and wellies? Seen it all before, sure, but this Kate keeps it fresh; perfectly accessorized with some arm candy (the male type, not the bling.)  Beats a Doherty by your side any day of the week.

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