April 21, 2012

Hot Headed


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If you know me, then you know I am famed for constantly changing the colour of my hair.  A combination of perpetual boredom and dissatisfaction will forever render me reaching for the bottle and slathering my mop in those colourful toxins with a belief that I will rinse out the 'old me' and suddenly become a new, cooler version of myself.  I know I'm not alone in this feeling from time to time - a new hair colour has the power to remedy the most dreadful of days and can be a hell of a lot cheaper than a new pair of shoes (when done at home: shoes are probably a more reasonable purchase if you get yours done professionally...)

However, I've never been the biggest fan or red hair.  Auburn, sure, strawberry blonde?  Beautiful.  But red?  It may be because my own locks have a tendency to veer towards the shade, but in it's purest most show-stopping form I've always found red hair to be a touch contrived; best saved for emotional teenage girls and that Godawful attention-seeking woman that goes by the pseudonym of Rihanna.  Not exactly the look I'm going for.

But wow, has my opinion been changed.  I present you with inspiration case study one; Taylor Tomasi Hill, style and accessories director for US Marie Claire.  Whilst the woman is undoubtedly beautiful, with a head full of flame-coloured hair she becomes striking, stunning and just plain cool.  By using it as an accessory with which she coordinates perfectly - the tortoiseshell glasses and the way the blue she wears pops so strongly against her colourings - she stands out from the rest of the US magazine set, and all for the right reasons.  She can wear head-to-toe black without looking boring (something I will never achieve) and isn't afraid to throw on the kind of colours you really wouldn't advise a redhead to sport.  Seriously, I wish someone would point Ri-Ri in her direction; not a ripped stonewashed denim or studded croptop in sight.

T.T.H., I salute you and your impeccable style.  

Must dash, I'm pretty sure if I buy some red hair dye I'll wake up tomorrow looking just like her... 

(fyi: I started this post with four photos, and then I discovered this site and just couldn't stop - obsessive click-n-save.  For the good of your sanity and your wardrobe, I urge you to follow the link.)

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