April 12, 2012

Early Riser

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Tried to celebrate two whole days off with The Boy (for those who don't get regular weekends off in their line of work, you may understand this, for those of you who do, it's a big deal!) with an attempted lie-in, but in typical fashion I was wide awake at 8am and spent the last few hours quietly surfing the web whilst he snoozed.  Went to see The Hunger Games last night, and whilst it was undoubtedly an enjoyable film, I struggled to sit still for the whole thing (two and a half hours, only Harry Potter and Titanic should be allowed to go on for that long.)  However I would definitely recommend it, despite the fact that I didn't really 'get it' - probably more to do with my squirming than the actual film.

Today's plans involve nothing other than a walk across town to my favourite vintage shop and some serious lounging around.  Crossing my fingers for some sunshine, there's a Fairground in town that I want to check out...yes, I am seven years old.  

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