April 04, 2012

April Showers


All - Urban Outfitters

Sooooo my wish for sun was horrifically ignored, where did all this wetness come from?  The barnett was, quite frankly, a birds' nest by the time I got to work this morning; more dragged-through-a-hedge than sexily disheveled.  Not quite the look one goes for.

Anyway, popped into Urban Outfitters for a cheer-up snoop, and whilst I find the majority of their clothes eye-wateringly expensive (how you can charge over £40 for 100% polyester I will never know) their accessories had me dreaming of sandy beaches and turquoise waves.  Which was just the images I needed when stepping back into the grey drizzle and trudging my sodden converse back to work.

Seriously, can we have the sun back now?  Even I won't rock summer's finest attire in torrential downpour.

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