March 07, 2012

Time to Pretend

What started as a miserable day (see last post) quickly became quite a good'un.  The boy had the day off so we decided to make the most of the pretend sunshine - pretend because whilst it looked bright, it was still bloody freezing - with a mooch around the local charity shops, stopping only for a coffee the size of my head.  Seriously.
Had fun trying on some bits and bobs in one vintage store - an aztec printed playsuit that unfortunately could have fit round two of me and some gorgeous black biker boots that were also on the large side.  Damn.  Naturally, I did make some good purchases, namely an oversized (ie. four sizes too big) cardigan with the best silver buttons from Oxfam and a couple of books and films that I'm excited to tuck into.

Plan for tonight, food, cinema, bed.  I'm flagging massively from a combination of no sleep and lots of fresh air, will definitely be sleeping better tonight.  Snapped a few photos on the ol'iPhone, so of course I made them look good via instagram and posted them on here.  
I'm a walking, talking blogging cliche.

Biggest coffee ever/The hunt for a denim jacket/That printed playsuit/
Those vintage boots/Purchases+Holiday planning/New flowers for my dresser

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