March 05, 2012


I'm currently obsessed with the colour yellow.  It could be the imminence of Spring.  It could be that it goes so well with my other favourite colour (that's grey by the way.)  It could just be because I am craaaaving sunshine.  Whatever the reason, right now I'm watching my pastel lemon nails fly across the keyboard and planning tomorrow's outfit around my new Zara sweater.

(Which is yellow, by the way.)

Said new jumper...hello.

Now the first purchase is done, all I can think about is my next hit.  Here are my favourite designer & high street goodies, all in that zingy hue.

1. Zara, 2. Topshop Boutique, 3. Topshop Boutique
4. River Island, 5. Zara, 6. Zara

I can't stop thinking about that Stella McCartney blazer - the perfect blend of colour and slouch.  I want to throw it on over a breton and some old skinny jeans.  Unfortunately with my bank balance, the Zara version is a more likely quick fix...and technically by buying that I'm saving myself the £855 price difference between the two.
What a bargain.

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